A Gamer Girl’s Guide to Dating

What This Blog is About


Disclaimer: This blog in no way guarantees that you will get a relationship. No one is entitled to a relationship no matter how “nice” you are or how much effort you put into a person.

Relationships require time and effort, but time and effort do not guaranty you a relationship.


This blog is about how to be a better person so that some day you might actually be able to have a successful relationship. There will be rants, but I will also have lots of tutorials, tips and tricks, and advice for being a better human being

As a woman I will probably focus a bit more on tips for guys, but I will also have content for the ladies. Some will be in-depth while others will be basic instructions with forwards to better tutorials out there. I will also try to have a video for every written blog and vice versa. My goal is to have a post a week, but we’ll see how that goes.

A bit about me: I am a 30 year old Loan Processor/insert lots of random other stuff I do at work/part time tutor. I have a BA in Literary Studies, an AS in Accounting Technology, and an AS in Administrative Assistant. No, I am not a psychologist, sociologist, or other related fiend; but I do like to read people and try to understand behavior.

Honestly, what started this blog was my brief attempt to get back into the “dating” scene. I realized that the guys who were chatting me up seemed to have a history of failed relationships and/or just having problems with getting into a relationship. I will go more into that at a later date. I just felt like I may have some advice and things to say that really doesn’t get said often. I think there is a lot that goes unsaid by women especially because we don’t teach dating skills or life skills anymore, and women are taught to be “nice” so we don’t say the things that bother us until it’s too late.

So this is an attempt to start that conversation of what a Gamer Girl wants, or what people want in general when it comes to partners and a way to get to that point.

So welcome to this experiment and hopefully you will enjoy yourself and learn something.

– Celina



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